AHC’s Vision

Making, equipping, and inspiring disciples

AHC’s Mission

Making, equipping, and inspiring disciples who COMMIT to obeying Christ, CULTIVATE their relationship with Christ, CONNECT others to Christ, and CARE for one another.

The 4 C’s are what it means to be a disciple

Commit Cultivate Connect CareCOMMIT to obeying Christ

  • Faithfulness in action, doers of the Word
  • Serving within the church and beyond its walls
  • Giving tithes and offerings

CULTIVATE your relationship with Christ

  • Quiet time, seeking God in prayer, worship, Bible study
  • Mentoring, by others, to others
  • Church engagement

CONNECT others to Christ

  • One-on-one witnessing, friendship
  • Connection Groups, inviting the unchurched
  • Missions, serving and/or giving

CARE for one another

  • Hospitality, pursuing relationship
  • Compassion, supporting those in crisis
  • Encouragement, calling others to life

AHC’s Guiding Principles

  1. We consider each individual’s gifts and abilities to be God-ordained for the purpose of serving His Kingdom both inside and outside of the local church body.
  2. It is our calling to confirm, develop, and equip individuals who have the callings of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, and evangelist so that they can be released to their God-given purpose to bless the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11).
  3. We believe that committed service to a local church is an essential element in maturing one’s gifts and callings.
  4. We strive to build long lasting relationships that will assist in the development of one’s gifts and callings.
  5. We view ourselves and other churches as members of one team, each following a different vision from the same Lord, and, as such, we will not allow a spirit of competition to arise between us.
  6. We will give of ourselves and our resources with sacrifice, having learned that sacrifice is essential for the advancement of the Kingdom as a whole.
  7. We strive to function with a father’s heart, desiring to mature sons and daughters to live by Kingdom principles. (1 Corinthians 4:15)
  8. We strive to remain outward focused on the Kingdom of God as a whole and not merely inward focused on the local church body.
  9. As an apostolic local church, we are willing to address the relevant cultural issues that affect the body of Christ and our society.
  10. It must be understood that the execution of the apostolic plan is subject to the leading and timing of the Holy Spirit as He unfolds the will and purpose of God to us over time.
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Sunday Worship
8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Nursery (0–4)
Children's Church (ages 4–9)
Tweeners (Ages 9–13)

Connection Groups
Locations and times vary.
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Wednesdays 7 pm
OneEighty Youth (Ages 13–18)
Tweeners (Ages 9-13)


Prayer Ministers Handbook
Kingdom Kids Handbook
General Handbook
Ushers Handbook
Fruitful Works Handbook
Greeter Handbook

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The Mission of Abundant Harvest Church is making, equipping, and inspiring disciples who Commit to obeying Christ, Cultivate their relationship with Christ, Connect others to Christ, and Care for one another.