2017 Operating Budget

Category2016 Actual 2017
of Total
REVENUE$ 224,690$ 216,145
EXPENSES$ 220,959$ 216,147100.0%
1.Salaries and benefits
2 full time, 3 part time
$ 116,886$ 105,52548.8%
2.Building expenses
Mortgage, maintenance, repairs, remodeling, taxes
$ 38,662$ 39,34318.2%
Electric, phone, garbage, internet, security, etc.
$ 14,723$ 11,5515.3%
Building, vehicle, workman's comp
$ 3,179$ 3,3811.6%
5.Local and foreign missions
Van expenses, Tabitha House, food distribution, benevolence, Bread of Life Outreach, 4 missionaries, Messenger International, etc.
$ 21,213$ 21,0239.7%
6.Ministry expenses
Children's ministries, website and social media, library, Home Harvest Groups, worship, etc.
$ 16,271$ 14,1536.5%
7.Administrative expenses
Copier lease, paper and cleaning supplies, accounting and legal fees, online giving fees, postage, etc.
$ 10,025$ 11,0395.1%
New building seed money
$ 0$ 10,1324.7%
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Sunday Worship 10 am
Nursery (0–4)
Children's Church (ages 4–9)
Tweeners (Ages 9–13)

Connection Groups
Locations and times vary.
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Wednesdays 7 pm
Midweek Connection Group (Adults)
OneEighty Youth (Ages 13–18)
Tweeners (Ages 9-13)
Children (Ages 4–9)
Nursery (Ages 0–4)


Ushers Handbook
Fruitful Works Handbook
Greeter Handbook
General Handbook
Prayer Ministers Handbook
Kingdom Kids Handbook

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The Mission of Abundant Harvest Church is making, equipping, and inspiring disciples who Commit to obeying Christ, Cultivate their relationship with Christ, Connect others to Christ, and Care for one another.